Rural Notes



“When the ash before oak then the summer all a soak. When the oak’s before ash then the summer but a splash”

Whether we think this old bit of Weather Lore has any credence is debatable but if you yourself do plan activities in accordance with natures rhythm then the above photograph will offer you some guidance.  Taken near Abergaveny very recently, it certainly shows the oak on the right well ahead of the neighboring ash when it comes to leaf development.

Of course the weather can vary greatly over various parts of the country but it does make you wonder slightly whether South Wales may be the best place to head, for this summers holiday.

Of course with all folk lore there can usually be found  a counter claim and here is no exception. “Oak before ash, all wet and splash. Ash before oak, all fire and smoke.” In this case then, Wales would be the last place to book that holiday. Decisions, decisions.

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