Wilkinson Sword Bypass Heavy Pruners


Just as a good pair of secateurs need to be a precision cutting tool so too do heavy pruners  and these   https://wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk/products/ranges/cutting-range/loppers/general-purpose-geared-bypass-loppers  are precisely that. Just to clarify, my use of the name ‘heavy pruners’ sounds much more technical than ‘loppers’ which I have always thought sounds rather crude for a very precise horticultural task and I just dislike the word. That out of the way, I have been delighted with this tool which has cut all types of wood with any problems.

They have been tried on a range of materials from soft shoots up to tree branches, below the width that requires a saw, and not once have they failed to cut cleanly and with minimum of effort.



Even dead snags which are very often found at the base of rose bushes can easily be removed without the bypass blades parting,  often a problem, and I was quite surprised how easy it was to manoeuvre the blades into tight places.

It does not take long to decide whether a piece of equipment is going to suit you or not and I quickly found that these were very much to my liking. So with Christmas coming up, I am sure a pair of these ‘heavy pruners’ would be a delight to receive by any discerning gardener.

WP_20171204_11_51_30_Pro (2)
A Practical Pair

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