Wilkinson Sword Secateurs

As far as I am concerned, as someone who carries out a great deal of pruning, any pair of secateurs must be able to cut a range of plant material cleanly with the minimum of effort on behalf of the user and be robust enough to last the course.

I have been quite impressed with these  Wilkinson Sword Razorcut secateurs as they have coped just as well with the type of material that my regular pair normally have to tackle. Dead wood can often wedge between with scissor type action blades but these have not succumbed. Very young growth can be difficult to cut cleanly but again these secateurs have coped well.


When taking hardwood cuttings it is vital that the wood is cut cleanly to prevent any damage ( and frustration ) and I found that the cutting blade coped very easily despite it not being the appropriate time of the year for this type of propagation. So when using these Wilkinson secateurs, over the short time I have had them they have performed extremely well. If they last as long as the their old pair that I possess then I would be quite happy.


As for the feel and the workings of this piece of equipment, I would say that I could happily work with them continuously for a whole day without fatigue setting in but I have not been able prove this just yet. The metal handles I did think initially, would be slippery and perhaps therefore uncomfortable to use but I soon found the non-slip strip running the length of the handle grip kept them firmly placed.

The main blade is extremely sharp, as you would expect from any Wilkinson product, and it is good to see a sap grove which helps with the overall performance. The blade cleans very easily with a damp cloth.

WP_20170530_14_38_13_Pro (2)

For the amateur gardener, these Wilkinson sword secateurs would  be a valuable asset to any tool shed. They will do a similar job to the professional types – but at a much lower of around £20. I myself can happily recommend them for all types of pruning and propagation work.

John. E. Stirland.


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