East Midland Flower Show

Well, we have just experienced our first East Midlands Flower Show in the magnificent grounds of Newstead Abbey and from the feedback received it seems that everyone enjoyed the event. The weather is a vital element to the success of any event, and luckily there were only a couple of showers on the Saturday.  Sunday being  perfect show weather  produced a continual stream of visitors. Warm but not too hot with plenty of sunshine and most importantly, dry, is just right.

I had a fun time meeting listeners to Radio Nottingham and also viewers to Notts TV. Gardening really does bring out the best in people and most of those I met had only praise for what we were trying to achieve. As I mentioned in the show leaflet, the East Midlands has a vast number of enthusiastic gardeners who deserve the opportunity of a garden event in their area and now we have one. It was only on a small scale this year but you have to test the water before you jump in with both feet. Well, we have tested the water and it is almost certain that this will be the first of many more flower shows.

Of course we relied on a number of our local, independent garden centres and landscape companies to provide the backbone of the show and they duly obliged. These along with the Newstead gardens themselves provided visitors with a real gardening experience. We had four show gardens which attracted plenty of positive comment and the local garden centres and plant nurseries provided the opportunity for people to buy plants for their own gardens. I also thought the show had a good blend of related attractions including conservation, crafts and food. Also, as an East Midlands show we had some of the regions gardening and food gurus to offer advice and provide demonstrations and talks.

Newstead is the perfect venue for a flower show and I am sure the Webb family who created many of the garden features here, within the grounds, would have been delighted to see so many people enjoying themselves over the weekend. So we look forwards to next years East Midlands Flower Show to which I myself am so look forward.



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