Garden Pleasures.


One of the greatest pleasures derived from gardening, for me anyway, is the anticipation of how each years growing season is going manifest itself  through the floral display and harvest quality. The results, will of course, be a reflection of natural forces such as the weather and other factors but most of all it will be down to our own efforts and our skills in manipulating seasonal events as they happen.

Fortunately for me I have just about seen every possible hazard that can befall a crop or garden display over the years that I have been in horticulture and usually end up being able to solve most of them. The exciting feature of gardening is the fact that, being as we are dealing with living organisms, both nature and sometimes a lack of knowledge on our side, seems to throw up hazards all the way along the line.

One example which includes both elements is as follows. If we experience a few cold days during the summer our lovely crop of all female cucumbers, which we assume have eliminated the need to remove those pesky male flowers, will produce exactly that, male flowers, that then play havoc with the resulting crop. You have been warned.

Of course we can do nothing about the weather and must therefore adapt our work with plants to take variations into account. This is probably a major reason why it takes years of experience to become a seasoned gardener and paper qualifications are no substitute for practical knowledge.

So, with gardening and horticulture in general, even the most difficult of growing seasons should ultimately end  up being a pleasure as we reap the rewards of our efforts. I remember asking the grower of the display above what sort of a year it had been for growing fruit? “Terrible at times but we got there” was his reply. And how proud he could be of the results.





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