Pensthorpe Natural Park

pensthorpe dec 2015 132pensthorpe dec 2015 141It’s very rarely we go to Norfolk without calling in at Pensthorpe and last Tuesday, during a break in the rain, provided the perfect opportunity. I always look in on the turtle doves, who seem quite happy not being in North Africa at present  and also on the red squirrels who were busy carrying sticks about and very active during these mild conditions.

On horticultural matters a visit to the herbaceous prairie as I call it, is a must at any time of the year but at present the old flower stalks and dry foliage is looking a real treat. This is a reminder of course that the herbaceous perennials, although stunning during the summer months are also very showy at this time of the year. The plantings at Pensthorpe are inspirational running down, as they do to a lovely lily laden pool. A full list of the plants is available.pensthorpe dec 2015 135

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