More Questions

Sundays at 9am, and 2pm Thursdays on Radio Nottingham are very pleasurable times for me as this is when I answer gardening questions on air. Contrary to popular belief we don’t get the question before hand so, OK, you have to be on your toes but if you know your stuff and keep up with the industry then you should be able to answer most queries.

I have been doing this now for 39 years and worked out that I must have answered about 40 000 questions. I remember my very first query which was about pot chrysanthemum’s and why, after they had been dwarf in a pot, they had grown to 3 feet or so when planted in the garden. If you are interested, the answer is due to the fact that when potted they use growth regulators to keep the plants dwarf but once planted out the effect wares off.

From then on I became the Radio Nottingham Gardener – a grand title but which has enabled me to broadcast from such glorious places as Chelsea Flower Show, Keukenhof Gardens in Holland, St Hellier in the Channel Islands and even from a barge on the Chesterfield canal!

Well it’s Thursday once again so that means it time to head off for NG2 Nottingham to answer a few ‘more questions.’

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